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Over , individuals go missing in the United States every year.

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Fortunately, many missing children and adults are quickly found, alive and well. It is estimated that 4, unidentified bodies are recovered each year, with approximately 1, of those bodies remaining unidentified after one year. NamUs is a national information clearinghouse and resource center for missing, unidentified, and unclaimed person cases across the United States. Funded and administered by the National Institute of Justice and managed through a cooperative agreement with the UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth, Texas, all NamUs resources are provided at no cost to law enforcement, medical examiners, coroners, allied forensic professionals, and family members of missing persons.

Family DNA collection kits are also provided at no cost. NamUs subject matter experts provide free training and perform direct outreach to families of the missing by coordinating Missing Person Day events with agencies across the country. The Victim Services Division links families affected by the loss or disappearance of a loved one with service providers, support networks, and other resources to help them navigate the complex and difficult environment in which they find themselves.

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The NamUs database fills an overwhelming need for a central repository of information related to missing, unidentified, and unclaimed person cases. The database is searchable by all, with biometric and other secure case information accessible only to appropriate, vetted criminal justice users. Missing person records can be entered into NamUs by anyone, including the general public; however, all cases are verified with the appropriate law enforcement agency prior to publication in NamUs.

Unidentified and unclaimed person records are entered into the NamUs database by medical examiners, coroners, and other criminal justice designees. Missing and unidentified person cases in NamUs are automatically compared to locate potential matches based on dates, geography, and core demographic information. Advanced searches can be performed to locate matches based on additional unique descriptors such as scars, marks, tattoos, clothing, jewelry, etc. Streamlined system registration and case entry improves overall user experience with wizards, dashboards, modern web tools, and a single login for all case types.

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Moved the NamUs system to the OJP SecureCloud to enhance system performance while maintaining the highest level of security of sensitive case data and personally identifiable information. Individually map cases directly from the NamUs record, or display advanced search results on maps that pinpoint specific address locations for vetted professional users. Updated case matching algorithms increases resolutions by enhancing demographic and geographic searching. RPSs provide investigative support to missing, unidentified, and unclaimed persons by providing case consultations, assisting with the collection of biometric information, facilitating NamUs forensic services, and providing training and guidance on the effective use of the NamUs 2.

The NamUs Analytical Division provides case support to the Regional Program Specialist team and criminal justice agencies across the country. The NamUs Analytical Division utilizes nongovernmental criminal justice databases and advanced search techniques to provide:. Fingerprints are a widely recognized and cost-effective biometric marker. They are a reliable means of personal identification that enable rapid comparisons — when submitted to NamUs, fingerprints are immediately available for comparisons that can result in positive identifications or exclusions.

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Law enforcement, medical examiners, and coroners rely on dental records to establish legal and verifiable identifications of missing and unidentified persons. Dental records provide an opportunity to make rapid, cost-effective, detailed comparison between individuals for inclusions or exclusions of potential matches. Agencies can directly upload dental information for missing and unidentified person cases to NamUs, which is a secure, central repository.

NamUs forensic odontologists can also be contacted to digitally scan, code, and upload information to NamUs cases on behalf of investigating agencies. The Victim Services Division provides the following information and support to individuals and families impacted by the loss or disappearance of a loved one:. The NamUs Communications Division responds to media inquiries, performs outreach to media, coordinates social networking efforts, and collaborates with victim advocate groups across the country to increase awareness and use of the NamUs program to resolve cases.

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NamUs provides technology and resources to resolve unidentified decedent cases across the country. The NamUs Analytical Division also assists with the location of family members for next of kin death notifications and DNA sample collections for comparison. NamUs connects law enforcement with tools and resources to resolve missing person cases, including state-of-the-art technology to securely store, share, and compare case information with other criminal justice professionals.

NamUs provides tools that empower family members of missing persons to enter and search case information, and connects families with criminal justice professionals to assist in the search for their missing loved ones. Upload your file in the dashboard and watch it being enriched.

The main services of Hunter are also available directly though our API. Find the email address of any professional with a simple API call.

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Depending on the data we have we can have a very high degree of certainty while other email addresses can have a higher risk. The result is returned with a confidence score in percentage that evaluates the accuracy. If we could already verify the email address on our side, we will display a "verified" icon that indicates it can be used with confidence.

The two cases can happen: If we found the email address publicly on the web, it will have a higher accuracy and the Email Finder also returns the sources where it has been found.

If the Email Finder can't find the right email address in our base, it returns the best guess instead. In both cases, the confidence score is updated accordingly to represent the probability the email address is accurate.

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