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This week, we are focusing again on the medical industry as serious threats have occurred to the safety of patients when fraudulent or dangerous doctors are on the loose.

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For instance, Allan Zarkin, a New York gynecologist was charged with first-degree assault for carving his initials into the abdomen of his patient who had just delivered her baby by caesarean section. Another famous New York case is of Michael Swango who is serving three life sentences for fatally poisoning three of his patients.

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Authorities in this industry have tightened the screening processes to avoid such incidents in the future. What are the precautions being taken? For , out of the accredited medical schools in the nation have conducted checks on their applicants.

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Different states, different laws Each state has a different law and we have compared a few of them below: 1 California, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas are among 28 states where physicians are required to submit fingerprints, which are processed through state and federal bureaus of investigation databases. The only crimes that affect a license are felonies, a breach of morals or an improper use of medicine.

follow url All of our healthcare background check packages are customized to meet the industry's complex regulations, accreditation standards, and best practices. Don't take any chances when you hire. Our comprehensive investigation and analysis focuses on criminal background searches, from the largest provider of background screening and credentialing services to the healthcare industry.

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Current industry guidelines and requirements are strict and getting stricter. Protect your patients and reputation with deeper criminal background investigations for physicians and other allied health professionals you work with. You want to give your students every edge you can. Make sure your best and brightest meet the high standards and qualifications of the healthcare facilities that might hire them, before the hiring even begins.