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Washington does not maintain a central registry of members of the clergy, and you are not required to undergo any specific formal training.

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Not a resident of Washington? Washington does not restrict legally ordained non-resident Marriage Officiants from performing wedding ceremonies anywhere in the state.

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Ordination Fee: We offer low-cost ordination that is valid and accepted throughout the United States, including Washington, for a nominal fee that covers our basic printing costs, which is generally a fraction of how much you can earn by performing just one ceremony! All state-required forms and documents are included in all packages.

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In addition, any fees paid may be tax-deductible as a work-related expense. Consult with your tax professional for more information. To view ordination credential samples, please click here.

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Already ordained? Don't start over! Renew your ordination now. Please enter the full, legal name of the person being ordained as it should appear on the documents. Did you spell the name correctly?

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He shall enter the date of filing and his name on the certificates for the files of the state registrar of vital statistics, and transmit, by the tenth day of each month, all such certificates filed with him during the preceding month. The county auditor may preserve copies of marriage license applications submitted and marriage licenses issued under this chapter in the same manner as authorized for the recording of instruments under RCW Any person solemnizing a marriage, who shall wilfully refuse or neglect to make and deliver to the county auditor for record, the certificates mentioned in RCW All marriages to which there are no legal impediments, solemnized before or in any religious organization or congregation, according to the established ritual or form commonly practiced therein, are valid, and a certificate containing the particulars specified in RCW When either party to a marriage shall be incapable of consenting thereto, for want of legal age or a sufficient understanding, or when the consent of either party shall be obtained by force or fraud, such marriage is voidable, but only at the suit of the party laboring under the disability, or upon whom the force or fraud is imposed.

Before any persons can be joined in marriage, they shall procure a license from a county auditor, as provided in RCW Any person may secure by mail from the county auditor of the county in the state of Washington where he intends to be married, an application, and execute and acknowledge said application before a notary public. In addition to the application provided for in RCW After the execution of the application for, and the issuance of a license, no county shall require the persons authorized to solemnize marriages to obtain any further information from the persons to be married except the names and county of residence of the persons to be married.

Married at Dairyland in Snohomish, Washington by Officiant Annemarie Juhlian - Veresa & Tyler.

Any such application shall be open to public inspection as a part of the records of the office of such county auditor. If a program participant under chapter The county auditor may issue the marriage license at the time of application, but shall issue such license no later than the third full day following the date of the application. A marriage license issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter may not be used until three days after the date of application and shall become void if the marriage is not solemnized within sixty days of the date of the issuance of the license, and the county auditor shall notify the applicant in writing of this requirement at the time of issuance of the license.

Washington State

Any county auditor is hereby authorized to refuse to issue a license to marry if, in his discretion, the applications executed by the parties or information coming to his knowledge as a result of the execution of said applications, justifies said refusal: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, The denied parties may appeal to the superior court of said county for an order to show cause, directed to said county auditor to appear before said court to show why said court should not grant an order to issue a license to said denied parties and, after due hearing, or if the auditor fails to appear, said court may in its discretion, issue an order to said auditor directing him to issue said license; any hearings held by a superior court under RCW Any person intentionally violating any provision of RCW If the consent in writing is obtained of the father, mother, or legal guardian of the person for whom the license is required, the license may be granted in cases where the female has attained the age of seventeen years or the male has attained the age of seventeen years.

Such affidavit may be subscribed and sworn to before any person authorized to administer oaths. The person solemnizing the marriage is authorized to retain in his possession the license, but the county auditor who issues the same, before delivering it, shall enter in his marriage record a memorandum of the names of the parties, the consent of the parents or guardian, if any, and the name of the affiant and the substance of the affidavit upon which said license issued, and the date of such license.

Every person who shall solemnize a marriage when either party thereto is known to him to be under the age of legal consent or a marriage to which, within his knowledge, any legal impediment exists, shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor. Many Washingtonians are in intimate, committed, and exclusive relationships with another person to whom they are not legally married. These relationships are important to the individuals involved and their families; they also benefit the public by providing a private source of mutual support for the financial, physical, and emotional health of those individuals and their families.

The public has an interest in providing a legal framework for such mutually supportive relationships, whether the partners are of the same or different sexes, and irrespective of their sexual orientation. The legislature finds that same sex couples, because they cannot marry in this state, do not automatically have the same access that married couples have to certain rights and benefits, such as those associated with hospital visitation, health care decision-making, organ donation decisions, and other issues related to illness, incapacity, and death.

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Although many of these rights and benefits may be secured by private agreement, doing so often is costly and complex. Once you have done this, your work is complete. Wait for your certificate that will be e-mailed to you. The ordination process may be instant or take up to two weeks. Once everything falls into place, you will become an ordained minister! You can do a couple of things to make sure everything goes smoothly on the wedding day.

How to Perform Marriage in Washington | Get Ordained Online

First, prepare a script of the proceedings so that you know what to say. Then, have a rehearsal to get an actual understanding of the ceremony. With these things, you can iron out any potential issues before the wedding. At the wedding ceremony, ensure two things to make it legally valid. The other is the Pronouncement where you proclaim the duo as an officially married couple. Afterwards, complete all the wedding paperwork with signatures. So—breathe in, breathe out, relax and conduct the wedding. It might be just as easy as getting ordained online! In my experience, the entire process is smooth and getting ordained is something I easily crossed off my bucket list.

It is also an honor to officiate at a wedding of your loved ones.

Now that you know all about how to get ordained online, just go ahead and do it. My brother is hoping to get ordained so he can officiate at my wedding this summer, right before we head to St. Barts for our dream honeymoon.

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Where is God in this process? After all he is the one that sanctifies the marriage, he 9nly uses the minister as a conduit to preform the ceremony. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Previous Next. Research the Laws in Your State Regarding Officiating a Wedding It is essential to research state laws before getting ordained especially if your loved ones have asked you to be the minister at their wedding. Find a Website to Get Ordained Online Just do a web search on how to get ordained online and you will find a few sites.

Click to Apply for Ordination Do all your research about the various sites that offer online ordination. Fill the Form The sites have a form that you need to fill out before you complete your application process. Use Your Certificate and Officiate a Wedding! Love it? Share It. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Pinterest.