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Design your page lighter with less images, less flash and less Silverlight content.

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Try to design your page with very less media contents like images, flash objects, Silverlight objects, ActiveX objects, etc. Search engines can only read HTML contents. A page that is entirely build on flash or Silverlight are not search engine friendly since the search engine robots cannot find any textual contents in those pages.

If you have moved a page to a different URL or changed your domain to new domain then you should do a redirect to the new location by returning an http status code of Permanent Redirect. This is called permanent redirection.

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This will make sure the existing page rank is copied to the new page. Read the below codedigest article that discusses some of the scenario where we can use permanent redirect for search engine optimization. Sometimes, the external links posted by a user may have security threats it may download a malware which will infect the users or possibly a spam generating site. Doing like this will secure your site from getting penalized from search engines. This makes the remaining links on the page to take more share of the page rank. Currently, the implementation is changed where the page rank is shared but it no longer allows other links on the page to take more of the share.

Read here to know more about how nofollow affect the page rank previously and now. Use Header tags.

SEO For ASP.NET Web Sites: URLs

These Header tags are search engine friendly. You can use this tag efficiently to organize your page headings and sub headings. For example, you can put your page top most heading in H1, sub heading in H2, sub-sub heading in H3, etc that represents a proper hierarchy of your page contents.

No inline CSS styles and Javascript codes. Always keep your CSS styles and javascript defined in a separate file. This makes your page clean, simple and light-weight. The search engines can find the page content easily and can efficiently index it. Unique URL for a Page. This may lead to penalize your website for duplicate content issue by the search engine. Hence, always allow single unique URL to identify a page. You can handle this scenario by doing a permanent redirect to one url. Read the below article to handle these scenario in ASP. Make SEO friendly pagers. Always construct search engine friendly pager links when displaying list of items in a summary page.

For example, product list, article list page, etc. Read the below article to build search engine friendly pager for GridView control in Asp. Net GridView control. Limit the number of links per page. Previously there was a limit in number of links links per page the Google search engine will index on a page.

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This restriction is now no more. But it is still advisable to have limited number of links in your pages to avoid any adverse effect on your site rank. This is to prevent link spamming and to preserve the page rank. Build SiteMap. Always have a sitemap file that can guide users and search engines to navigate your site pages easily.

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It is really necessary to have 2 site maps for a site, an xml sitemap file used by the search engines and an html sitemap file for the website users. Refer here to know more creating xml sitemap for search engines. Design an efficient navigation system where every content page can be reached in fewer numbers of clicks. Any contents that are populated dynamically through javascript or through Ajax calls are not search engine friendly and it will not be indexed.

Search Engine Friendly URL Routing

Always using anchor tag with target URL in href for navigating from one page to another. Search will understand only hyperlink based navigation. JavaScript navigation is not search engine friendly. Avoid duplicate content and thin content in your website. A page having very less content with low quality which does not serves its purpose are called as thin content.

Avoid too many ads in a page or a page created just for ads. QueryString["productid"] and Request. QueryString["productname"] but this is not a SEO friendly pattern. To solve this Add one Hyperlink field to Default. To write our rewrite rule we have to add Global. To add Global.


We are creating new Event Handler in Global. We can access the both query string parameter as same previous.

QueryString["productname"] there is no change in traditional ASP. NET Query String system. Converting your traditional query strings to Search Engine Friendly URL behavior which gives tremendous benefits for search engine optimization also urls are easy to memorize. Master Pages are a new set of features that enables us to keep the site layout consistent across the site and any changes to the site layout can be made easily at a single point.

A master page allows us to separate the Application Layer and the Presentation layer. Master Pages allows us to create a more robust Content Management System which allows us to build a more search engine friendly website easily with the use of templates. If you plan to have a vastly different homepage and inner page, then you need to have separate master pages accordingly. You can also have nested master pages. After adding the master page to your project, you need to decide on which part of the website is going to be static across the pages, in most of the websites the top portion of the website will have the navigation and it will be common through out the site, in this example we are going to assume the same type of layout.

The above picture shows the layout that we had taken for this example, here we consider two content place holders one for the left and the other one is for the main page. Once you had created the Master Page, next step is to add the Content Pages Note that the master pages are still a template and the content pages are the one which will be served to the users.

The ASP. NET Engine while rendering the page will combine the master pages and the content pages and present it to the end user. Since we are going to create a CMS based website, we are going to have just one content page in this example which you can use it across the site.