Colleges in florida offering criminal justice

Florida is the third-most-populous state in the country, behind California and Texas, and is a popular tourist destination. The number of residents and tourists drives demand for criminal justice professionals. Jobs for individuals with criminal justice degrees in Florida are plentiful and include positions in police departments, correctional facilities, and security positions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS , jobs for individuals with criminal justice degrees in Florida are plentiful and include positions in police departments, correctional facilities, and security positions.

Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration

These positions tend to pay well and often provide long-term job security. The BLS projects the demand for police officers and detectives will continue growing at a rate roughly equal to the national average, while the number of jobs for private detectives and investigators will increase at a faster-than-average rate. By earning an online criminal justice degree, Florida students prepare for a variety of promising careers. Online programs offer the flexibility to study at home and allow learners to fulfill personal and professional responsibilities while earning their degrees.

Online learning is ideal for those with busy schedules and for students who do not live near a school that offers the program they need. Additionally, online learning is often more affordable than on-campus programs.

Online tuition sometimes costs less, and distance learners save on fees and expenses such as campus housing, transportation, parking, and books. Format and course delivery methods vary among online programs.

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Some programs are available fully online, while others require limited campus visits. Schools often allow online learners to choose the number of credits they take per semester, and others require learners to complete a certain number of courses each term. By understanding each school's requirements, learners pursuing a criminal justice degree online in Florida can choose a program that fits their lifestyle.

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  • Before pursuing a criminal justice degree, Florida students should verify that their prospective school holds accreditation. Choosing an accredited program ensures that future employers will recognize your degree. Accreditation also indicates that a school or program meets set academic standards.

    Florida Criminal Justice Careers

    A degree from an accredited school proves to potential employers that your education prepared you for your career. Additionally, most forms of financial aid require recipients to attend an accredited institution, and accredited schools only accept transfer credits from other accredited institutions. The two main types of institutional accreditation are regional and national. Nonprofit universities typically hold regional accreditation, which is the most prestigious type.

    National accreditation is typically reserved for trade schools and for-profit institutions. Credits earned from nationally accredited schools rarely transfer to regionally accredited institutions. Programs may also hold specialized, field-specific accreditation.

    Online Criminal Justice, BA/BS

    The U. Department of Education maintains a database of accredited postsecondary institutions and programs. Many entry-level jobs in criminal justice do not require a degree. However, after earning an online criminal justice degree, Florida professionals qualify for career advancement and higher salary potential. An associate degree in criminal justice makes graduates more competitive candidates for a variety of positions.

    Degree Requirements

    A bachelor's degree in criminal justice qualifies graduates for careers as police detectives, fraud investigators, postal inspectors, and FBI or CIA agents. A master's degree in criminal justice prepares students to pursue supervisory positions in policing, corrections, or security. Master's degree holders can also enter specialized roles, such as positions in criminal profiling, forensic psychology, or criminology.

    Argosy University-Sarasota

    Some specialized positions require additional training. For example, many jobs in forensic science require scientific and medical training. Finally, take some time to learn more about criminal justice scholarships that may be available in your area. Skip to content. Quickly Browse this Page. Find Schools. Zip Code:. Learn More.

    Best Criminal Justice Colleges in Florida

    Major Florida Cities Jacksonville Miami. Search Your State. Average Annual Florida Salary. Florida Criminal Justice Schools Online programs may not be available in all areas. Top Police Academies. Professional Organizations Guide. Additional Criminal Justice Schools in Florida. Certificate - Court Reporting. Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice.

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    Bachelor of Arts - Criminal Justice. Associate online. Bachelor Degree - Criminal Justice. Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice online.

    Certificate - Criminal Justice. Hodges University Naples, FL. AS in Criminal Justice online. Jones College Jacksonville, FL. We offer Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees, as well as additional training programs through the Kenneth C. Thompson Institute of Public Safety. Courses are offered in both traditional and non-traditional formats to meet the needs of working adults.

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