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Another word about weight-a heavier boat is not necessarily more durable. If the product is manufactured properly all of the excess weight can be easily pulled out when the hulls are laminated. It is a bit more expensive but it is better for the boat in the long run. If you want a boat that tacks well because you need to sail out of a marina or narrow waterway, then you want to buy a boat with centerboards rotating or daggerboards boards in fixed trunks.

This feature will allow the boat to be much more maneuverable in most conditions and generally makes them easier to sail. The only time you may not want a daggerboard is when you are operating in shallow water or in an area known for obstacles just below the surface.

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We highly recommend centerboard or daggerboard boats because they overcome one of the most frustrating idiosyncrasies of a catamaran, they tack very easily, and they sail upwind very efficiently. The Hobie Cat The H was designed in the late s and is a fun boat for a couple. The boat has daggerboards which make it much more maneuverable than its predecessor the Hobie Cat The 18 is quite a step up in performance from the H!

Again, make sure that the hull shows that the boat is a model or newer if you want something that is easy to get up and down the beach. The Hobie 18 is best performing with a crew weight between lbs.

A Prindle 18 is a great choice if you want a simple off the beach catamaran that requires very few adjustments once you have cleared the beach and have the rudders down. The boat is very light at lb. Its light weight makes it easy to get up and down the beach too! The Prindle 18 sails best when the crew weight is between lbs. The 5. The Sol Cat 18 is a lot of fun for just a little bit of money but beware, the replacement parts are extremely expensive and hard to come by. If you have sailed very little or want a boat that is more recreational then we will recommend you look at a Prindle , an almost new Hobie 18, or a NACRA 5.

All of these boats are gentle enough to get you in to the sport without blowing your socks off! The boats have a high speed potential, but if you want to leave the boat in first or second gear it will behave quite nicely. The Prindle is an exceptionally fun boat! It is light enough to be carried by a family or a couple The centerboards rotate so beaches or other obstacles won't break your boards if you forget to raise them. The also has exceptionally good resale value. The Prindle is capable of sailing as fast as the larger cats ' but is quite easy to keep under control in even strong wind conditions.

The will grow with you too. The boat is quite nimble and very maneuverable. There is good class racing and the boat performs quite well in open class racing. State and National championships draw boats every year. The best crew weight for this boat is lb. The finish work, building materials and design of this machine are top notch. The massive 33 foot mast sounds like it would be tough to raise but at under 45 lb this carbon mast is as easily stepped as masts five feet shorter.

Ideal crew weight seems to be around lb at this time but lighter crews can usually manage the sail plan in most conditions. The boat weighs lbs all up and the beam is 2. Have a look at what performance in the 21st century looks like on an F18 HT! The mainsail is all mylar while the jib is race quality dacron.


This boat is a real rocketship. This boat can also be single handed quite easily with a roller furling system for the jib.

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The best crew weight range for this boat is lb. Hobie If you are looking for a good single handed boat, then this little machine is a blast! The 17's hull design is much more updated and modern than most of the Hobie Cat line. The wings are a lot of fun by yourself and the centerboards make the boat easy to tack for one person. The minimal hull volume of the hulls and modest sail area make this a strictly one man boat. The Hobie 17 sport is a good recreational boat if you sail in lakes with a crew weight of less than lb.

The hulls are the same as those on the uni-rig 17 and have very little excess volume. The 17 sport is popular in the Midwest as a recreational boat but lacks the buoyancy necessary to sail in ocean and have a really fun ride. Some items that make the 17 sport easy to sail include: a boomless rig, a light mast, and the wings for seating. If you have experience on catamarans or you are willing to walk before you fly, then there is a league above the Prindle , Hobie 18, NACRA 5.

The Division 1 boats 19' open ocean catamarans is the big league of off the beach sailing! Spinnakers and reachers can be added to make these boats competitive in the PRO offshore races. This made the boats quite a bit heavier than the current production versions. They are quite a bit slower though downwind.

The foam core boats are much stronger and more durable. NACRA's unique hull design makes it an outstanding boat in rough offshore conditions and in very light conditions. The newer boats have mylar mainsails and high quality dacron jibs. One of the best features for the consumer is the lack of items subject to failure on these boats. All harken blocks mean you have a lifetime warranty on your blocks. The rudder system is so simple there is very little to wear down or break. The trampoline is made of polypropylene material and is vastly superior to vynal There is a strong California fleet with State Championships held every year.

A strong and active dealer network in Southern California continues to make this fleet grow. The Prindle 19 was patterned after the International Class Tornado. The rotating centerboards and general hull shape are very similar to the Prindle but the sail area is quite a bit larger.

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This makes the Prindle 19 the perfect boat for two good size people to sail on. The boat will accommodate up to lbs of crew weight and still be competitive on a National level. The sails are the newest technology mylar and dacron. Neither boat should be purchased by the first time sailor as it is very powerful and can be very intimidating to a novice.

The Prindle 19 has an outstanding fleet in Southern California and boasts the fastest growing fleet of any manufacturer in the US! The boat is fast and strong and features a very deep mast section. Parts availability has been difficult in recent years. The company is once again building boats, but the 19 is no longer competitive with the much lighter production boats on today's market.

The Miracle 20 is a great catamaran for those who want to race.

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  8. Built with polyester construction and a foam core sandwich hull, the basic design for the hull was lifted from the Reg White Hurricane from England. Plenty of power and a well thought out set of control systems makes the Miracle a really fun boat for those who have performance in mind. The beam is 8'6 which makes the M fairly stable.

    This boat also has a well organized and growing fleet nationwide. With nearly sq. This would not be a good starter boat for someone with little or no catamaran experience. A finer bow entry makes the 6. A large jib on the 6.

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    If you are looking for the ultimate in beach cat performance then the 6. The boat has a sophisticated reverse shear bow and semi wave piercing hull design which offers a level of performance not seen before from Hobie Cat. The square top main and asymetrical jib indicate that Hobie Cat has arrived in the new millenium in style.

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    There has been a change to the original configuration which included a comp tip and now the FOX comes with an all aluminum mast which has greatly improved it's performance. This should be a fun and challenging group in the sailing season! The INTER 17 single hander features a vynilester constructed hull and an EO snuffer which allows easier deployment and dowsing of a spinnaker by a single person. This provided for a nice platform but was underpowered for sailing here in the US for most areas. Alan Thompson invited us to come down and sail the boat for the purposes of a review.