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At some point in our lives each of us feels overwhelmed with life and our circumstances. We offer supportive and compassionate care for couples, families and individuals. We want to walk with people during times of loss, healing or overcoming personal and interpersonal struggles in order to hear, help and bring about lasting change. Coping with anxiety, depression, can negatively and significantly affect your ability to live fully and openly.

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I see clients in all life-stages and their evolution as individuals. I work in both group and in individual settings to ensure that clients have the access to care they need. Curtis O. I can help you unpack the challenges that keep you from experiencing your best self. We constantly seek connection and a sense of belonging in our personal, family and work lives.

If you want to meet and fulfill your desires personally or professionally let's start the journey today. I am available and know how to move you from being your "real" to your "ideal" self.

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Growth and change can be anxiety provoking initially but rewarding when properly nurtured. My passion is helping people take courage in learning how to fully experience the hope that is within them. We love our job and make therapy fun!!! My goal is to connect with the client and to help them achieve healing, gain hope, and thrive individually.

I take a holistic approach when counseling an individual; it's vital to look at other aspects of the client and their situation, not just the presenting problem.

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Family, friends, environment and medication are just a few of the factors that can influence a client's mental and emotional state. Bianca Mickan. I believe that the quality of relationships determine the quality of our lives.

As humans we were created to thrive in relationships but were not always given the best handbook at how to navigate those relationships. All relationships in life, whether professional, familial, personal, or intimate are important and should be treated as so. I enjoy embarking on the journey with each of my couples to resolve deep lying issues that affect the relationship on many levels - most unknown to the clients themselves. Providing techniques to build, develop, and foster a mutually loving relationship is my goal for each of my clients!

My goal is to walk with you through these challenges and provide a safe place where you can feel understood and accepted. My hope is that through therapy you can overcome the things that are holding you back from having healthy relationships and start to discover your full potential. Everyone struggles in life and some challenges can be overwhelming.

Asking for help can be hard but it demonstrates courage and determination. Often, problems can be caused by unmet needs and unfinished business. I work with adults, couples and families for a variety of difficulties. You may be in a troubled marriage or relationship, suffering from depression or anxiety, struggling with substance abuse or living in a family stuck in conflict. Kelly L. I seek to help individuals, couples, and families effectively resolve issues that can cause both intrapersonal and relational stress and dysfunction.

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My clients and I collaborate to evaluate problem areas and set goals they are committed to attaining. When working with couples and families, I recognize the need for healthy cooperation, communication, direction, and structure. We work together to find new solutions and gain new perspectives. However, conscious and sometimes unconscious resistance to change needs to be gently but directly confronted.

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It is my desire to help individuals in troubled marriages heal and thrive, not just survive in their marriages. But I also want to provide couples who have decided to end their marriage or relationship a process that will allow them to transition with minimal residual damage, both emotionally and financially. So, I became specially trained as a mediator to provide such an avenue.

As a marriage and family therapist, I have repeatedly seen unnecessary pain and suffering occurring to families during often too-lengthy and too-expense divorces. So, I became trained in Family Law Mediation Services in order to provide a gentler, more thoughtful option for divorcing couples. Divorce mediation can help create workable or even cordial relationships in divorcing and divorced couples.

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Clients are often surprised to learn the potential cost- and time-savings benefits of mediation. Click here to find out more about key qualities of mediation services. Click here to read about the benefits of family mediation. For more information about divorce and family mediation, you may call me at Each of our counselors offers individual therapy sessions and has extensive educational and practical experience they bring to every client.

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