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Puttin' it down for my niggaz in the south side North Carolina, South Carolina And all my little bitty open little cape towns We gonna hit y'all asses, ain't nothin' but a T.

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Baby you don't want the bomb And I don't meant to scare ya but I'm about to bring it home Blow these fellas, these hills, these things and N. Petey Pablo Mmm Hmm Chorus: I told y'all told y'all It was gunna happen, Y'all wouldn't listen to me I told y'all Now you see it poppin off, got you in the club dancing your ass off I told y'all Break it down Break it down for me for me I told y'all Break it down Break it down Break it down for me for me I told y'all Break it down for me for me If y'all ready get your lighter put your fire in the air i'm bout to blow this up Oh yeah!

Its a Twisted the game chooga-chooga-chooga-choog train comin' Full speed! Aint nuthin stopin this muthafucker Puttin it down Losing control Eyes closed Hands up poppin the dome And you can call it what ya wanna if ya wanna But you better keep your eyes on it I'd a told ya over and over I dont feel like talking no more It's about to go down Yea like i told ya! Chorus Move Over! Makin em' diesel Fuled Up!

Jesus Muuuahh! Clear the road, block it off, hold it back, make a path I'm a creeper! Carolina's street sweeper My brother keep her, you better believe her Good as a bag of Afghanastan reefa I can't fuck with me and y'all can't either To hear me rock you need bulletproof speakers My Impact! It'll Kill 79 people Ha! The levels start jumping on the meter Then The sparks start shootin out the speaker The DJ ju just can't catch the needle The clubs call it fever for the flavor of the Petey!

Fayetville, Rocky Mount, and Tarboro! Please don't get me started I can call em' out till tomorrow Carolina list alone is 16 long I'm a make a row call, calling out, all out Timbaland! Mutherfucker I told y'all! Chorus til end. Petey arguing with cop "All inmates are asked to stay inside the cell" Hey dog, you think I could make my phone call?

‘Bitcoin and Friends’ Featuring Petey Pablo Adds Levity to Crypto

Hey look, what you need to do is sit down I just wanna make my phone call Just sit down - Hey, I get a phone call for this motherfucker Fuck you Hey fuck you too ya bastard I just want my fuckin phone call "Sgt. Ellis : Please come to the front gate"- Verse 1 I got his ass didn't I? Roberts found his ass out fishin Sunday evenin' didn't he? Roberts got out of there so fast they didn't ever find his boat did they?

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I'd like to flip the hood night didn't I? I did everything I said didn't I? I got out of prison and got a major record deal didn't I? I guess I showed you didn't I? Got in the race and then I won it didn't I? I didn't even rub it in your face did I? I could of got real shitty but I didn't did I? I fucked 'em up the way I did it didn't I? I changed a lot of things here didn't I? I wrote a song a bout it would you like to here it here it comes ha ha ha ha ha haaa chorus sung, with man talking over hey let me tell y'all something I wanna tell y'all that this mother fucka here don't give a fuck for real, he is pimp, straight up and motherfuckin down y'all got to hear this shit Petey Pablo - tha boy be out killin shit yo aiyyo we outta here we'll let this motherfuckin beat ride we're gunna let y'all motherfuckers sit there and enjoy the rest of this motherfuckin song aight, that was just a fly ass intro to this whole thang, the whole thang.

Ladies and Gentlemen ladies and gentlemen The party will continue the party will continue in 5,4,3,2,1. No speak espanol; Ebonics Bang bang boogie, the chocolate chip cookie The papa don, the pick and prime, pink pretty Smother me, tell me you love me, blow my head up Everything you say can be a lie Just treat me right, come with me tonight It's like all good, and a-all right C'mon baby girl just tell me you want it And we'll be jumpin til 6 in the morning Party ain't over til 6 o'clock But my man got the hook up at the Marriott We can scoop somethin from the wildest spot And la di da da da Repeat.

Spoken Hey, Man I cant be out here too late, How long we gonna be out here? Till When? Where the hell is this you taken me too? Man ya'll crazy, the Funroom?

Saweetie Fangirls Over Idol, And Cancer Sister, Lil' Kim

You won't get to have sex with me or anything close to it. And I'm sexy and independent I am not interested, so you already know. I'm not being too dramatic--that's the way I have to have it. You think you're a very polished man with women Trying to flirt with me. But I'm not stupid. Petey Pablo So damn hot but so young. Still got milk on ya tongue Slow down lil one And you ain't got it all Hey, shawty You think you bad but you ain't bad I'll show you what bad is.

Bad is when you capable of beatin' the baddest. I been workin' at it since I came to this planet And I ain't quite there yet but I'm gettin' better at it. Matter of fact, Lemme tell it to you one mo' again All I got to do is tell a girl who I am Ain't naa chick in here dat I can't have Bada boom bada bam ba bam! Ciara You're insinuating that I'm hot But these goodies boy are not Just for any of the many men that's tryna get on top.

No you can't call me later And I don't want your number. I'm not changin' stories Just respect the play I'm callin'. All rights reserved. Translation of Slang. My Goodies a "goody" is normally a treat such as candy. Here, Ciara uses the term to talk about her female body parts. Petey Pablo You are so sexy, but so young. Like a baby, you still have milk on your tongue Slow down little one And you don't have everything Hey, pretty girl You think you are cool and dangerous, but you're not.

Everytime I hear this song, or the 1 2 step I catch myself dancing in the car, all the other motorist must think Im crazy.

CinisterCee said: ella said: really? I'm not a fan, but everytime I say she reminds me of Aaliyah I'm not a fan of "old Prince". I must be visually impaired-I couldn't find another thread. Let the rain come down Missy Elliot.

Petey Pablo Gotta Gun In Da Car

They played it at a club I went to in L. Goodies is great too. I like to see what else is in store with Ciara in the future.

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