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If your efforts don't help your research, or you still face a brick wall, you could always consider a Genealogy SA Research Request. Online Database Search. Matrimonial Petitions and related documents - The names and addresses of the clergy are given in the annual Church of Ireland Directory. Records of marriage licences provide information concerning some Church of Ireland marriages before People wishing to obtain a licence to marry without having banns called were required to enter into a bond with the bishop of the diocese.

The licences and bonds do not survive in most cases , but the indexes to the bonds lodged in each Diocesan Court and the Prerogative Court are available on microfilm in the reading room. Some of the indexes have been published. Some other records of marriage licences are indexed in the Testamentary card index available in the Reading Room. The Parish Searches consist of thirteen volumes of searches made in Church of Ireland parochial returns generally baptisms, but sometimes also marriages.

The searches were requested in order to ascertain whether the applicant, in the period c. Sometimes, only one search against a specific individual has been recorded from a given parish.

Multiple searches against various individuals in city parishes have been recorded in volume thirteen. These volumes are available on microfilm in the reading room.

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Parochial registers of baptisms, marriages and burials of the Church of Ireland Anglican Church post have been deposited in the RCB or remain with the relevant parishes. Original parochial registers i.

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Transcripts and some digitised images of Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland parochial registers of baptisms, marriages and burials, for the pre period, are available free of charge on www.