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Start Kids Strong, Empower Your Career We're always seeking talented, compassionate, dedicated individuals to share a high-quality early education experience with our children. Find A Job. If the home is rented, the rent expense replaces the interest, taxes, and depreciation. After determining the deduction, it is further limited to the gross income from the daycare, and if limited by the gross income, there is a specific order in which the home expenses can be used not discussed in this article.

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Claiming the business use of the home deduction will also impact any future sale of the home. However, any depreciation claimed or that could have been claimed after May 15, , cannot be excluded and, as a result, will be taxable to the extent of any gain from the sale. Other Expenses — Other expenses include just about any expense that has to do with operating the daycare facility, including, for example: o Advertising o Business banking account fees o Daycare licensing o Daycare organization membership expenses o Seminars and education related to operating a daycare center o Business insurance o Games and toys o Supplies, diapers, wipes, and cleaning supplies o Phone service o Prorated Internet service o Field trip expenses o Payroll for employees Additional important tax issues apply to daycare providers: Self-Employment Tax — Like all self-employed taxpayers, daycare providers must pay self-employment tax, which is made up of the Social Security tax of In addition, there is an additional 0.

In addition, half of the self-employment tax can be deducted from gross income.

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Retirement Plan Contributions — Profits from a daycare business qualify for IRA contributions and self-employed retirement plans, allowing daycare providers to put away substantial amounts for their future retirement. Employer Identification Number — Most daycare clients can claim a tax credit for the cost of daycare.


Married couples must file jointly, and both spouses must work or one spouse must be a full-time student or disabled to claim the credit. This means the income limitation is essentially removed for a spouse who is a student or disabled all year. If there are two children, the care expenses need not be divided equally.

Her work hours coincide with the school hours of their year-old daughter, Susan, so while school is in session, Al and Janice incur no childcare expenses for Susan. However, the credit can only offset income tax and alternative minimum tax liability, and any excess is not refundable.

The credit cannot be used to reduce self-employment tax, if a taxpayer is self-employed, or the taxes imposed by the Affordable Care Act. Employer Dependent Care Benefits — Some employers provide dependent care assistance programs to help their employees with the cost of daycare. Reimbursement in excess of these limits is taxable to the employee and does not reduce qualified expenses for the credit.

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Other Credit Criteria: Age of the Child — If the qualifying child turned 13 during the year, count only the care expenses paid for the child for the part of the year when he or she was under age Day Camps — Many working parents must arrange for care for their children under 13 years of age or any age if disabled during school vacation periods. A popular solution - with a tax benefit - is a day camp program. The cost of day camp can count as an expense toward the child and dependent care credit.

But be careful: expenses for overnight camps do not qualify. Also, not eligible are expenses paid for summer school or tutoring programs. As a result, they lose the benefits of the childcare credit, which requires both spouses to have income from working. School Expenses — Only school expenses for a child below the kindergarten level are considered qualifying expenses for this credit. This has been an overview of the various tax issues related to daycare from the perspectives of both the provider and the recipient of daycare services.

However, as in everything taxes, many more rules and issues exist than could be included in this article. So, for information about how states deal with the issue and questions about how the daycare will impact your taxes, please give this office a call.

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