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At least one of the documents must have been created within 90 calendar days of the date of live birth. If the difference is over 30 days, additional original documentary evidence filed within the first 7 years of life is required. A date of birth cannot be corrected to a date that is beyond the file date listed on the birth certificate nor can it be corrected to a date that is in conflict with a sibling. Examples of documentary evidence include a certified 10 year driving record and certified school records.

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Staff will provide specific instructions after a review of the birth record and the requested correction. The first step is to request a certified copy of your birth certificate and provide a note as to the date of birth you would like to have on your certificate. Staff will review the birth record and advise you specifically on whether the correction can be made as corrected and what evidence would be required. Once the evidence is reviewed and accepted an affidavit of correction is prepared that must be signed by the registrant in the presence of a notary.

Mail requests generally take up to 4 weeks for an initial response.

The processing time for the correction will depend upon how soon the required evidence is provided and the returning of the affidavit. Please include a phone number.

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For more information, contact Constituent Services. Skip to main content. Home Vital Records Current Page. You are entitled to obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate if you are: The person named on the certificate if you are at least 18 years old , The parent s named on the birth certificate, or The legal guardian, or a legal representative of one of these.

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Fees are not refundable. Please provide as much of the following information as possible for us to locate the birth certificate:. Keepsake Birth Certificates, intended only for framing and display, may now be ordered from this office. To view designs and place an order view Keepsake Birth Certificate.

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Effective January 1, , the Center for Health Statistics may prepare and register a Certificate of Foreign Birth upon receipt of a request from an adoptive parent or an adopted individual 19 years of age or older. A Certificate of Foreign Birth may be put on file for a child who has automatically acquired United States citizenship following a foreign adoption and who possesses a Certificate of Citizenship in accordance with the Child Citizenship Act.

Upon receipt of the required documentation and the appropriate fee, the Center for Health Statistics will prepare a Certificate of Foreign Birth showing the child's new name and the name s of the new parent s.

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To find out more, view Certificates of Foreign Birth. Errors on birth certificates may be corrected through an amendment process and other changes may be made through legal actions. For more information on making corrections, view Information on Making Corrections. Apostille and Exemplified copies of vital records are routinely required for foreign use.

Information on Obtaining a Copy of a Birth Record

The Apostille and Exemplified copies consist of an Alabama birth, death, marriage, or divorce certificate signed by the State Registrar and an additional certification signed by the Alabama Secretary of State. Certain restrictions apply to Apostille and Exemplified copies of birth and death certificates.

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For more information on Apostille and Exemplified copies, view Apostille and Exemplified. The National Center for Health Statistics has information on vital records for all states.

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For a birth occurring prior to January 1, You may request a certified copy of the birth certificate ONLY from the following:. Birth records are confidential records and are not open to the general public, except for those that are at least years old. For birth certificates less than years old, you can only obtain the birth certificate if:.