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This is why the monthly payments are usually less than they would be on the equivalent HP agreement. You can partially or fully settle a PCP agreement at any time, but the terms and conditions of doing so will vary from one finance company to the next — so be careful to check how yours operates.

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Personal contract hire PCH is essentially a long-term rental whereby you lease the car for an agreed period of time. During this time, you make fixed monthly payments and when the contract is up you just return the car.

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You put down a deposit at the start and make monthly payments for the duration of the contract. As a result, the more the car holds its value, the more affordable the lease purchase agreement becomes.

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Premium and luxury cars are more likely to financed with lease purchase. If it does, the finance company that paid for it could seek to reclaim either the money or the vehicle from you. Find out how to keep the cost of your car insurance cover down.

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JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Car insurance Articles Can you settle your car finance early? What is hire purchase HP or conditional sale car finance? Did you enjoy that?

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Popular stories. Do you know the rules on your car lights? How to get your car ready for winter. Is it worth paying more for premium fuel? Many automaker offers that have payments deferred, like most offers from other lenders like local or federal banks and credit unions, start accruing loan interest from the day you buy the car, not the day you make your first payment.

And that has a price.

How much? That means a payment deferral costs nothing in interest, and if you kept that car-payment money in your bank account for three months, it could set you up with extra cash for repairs or maintenance down the road. Katie Moore, a financial counselor at Michigan-based GreenPath Debt Solutions, is skeptical of most deferred payment programs.

An interest-free loan deferral could also allow you to put any money you would have spent on car payments into your investments, and shifting the payments backward could work in your favor. But few Americans are financially positioned to do that.

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A few programs defer payments by waiving them altogether. Automakers sometimes offer this on lease payments, too, dealer consultant Peterson added. Such payment waivers are rare, however.


Most deferral programs charge you interest during the deferral period. In line with Cars. The Editorial department is independent of Cars.

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