How to melt a vinyl record

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Each person who makes this choice silently declares to care more about their music collection, to pay more attention to detail in the recordings, and to stop taking advantage of the time and effort poured into these wondrous works of art. The labyrinth of grooves on our vinyl surfaces acts like a dirt trap. These grooves hold on to skin particles, dust, oil, and much more.

You have to be a bit more careful, but your ears will thank you for it in the long run. Sure, having a turntable invites the super cool prospect of using your hands to cue up a record or skip to whichever track you want, but this is actually a dangerous maneuver. The cueing lever is designed to help you aim for the gaps between songs and lower the needle slowly and safely. Additionally, never drag your needle across the record for any reason.

Step 1: Step 1: Choose a Vinyl Record

Also, be patient and wait until a song is completely finished fading out before pulling the needle up, or else your favorite album might end up sounding like a bowl of Rice Krispies. It seems like everyone has their special method of cleaning records. Avoid using thicker agents like dish soap—even if they are harmless from a chemical standpoint, they tend to be thicker and leave trace amounts of residue on your records. Many vinyl cleaning products contain at least some alcohol, which can also be damaging to records, especially with repeated use.

So while cleaning records in this manner can be necessary, try to keep your albums as clean as possible with a dry brush and good storage habits.

Homemade Made Records turned into savvy Storage bowls

Location: Cypress, Texas. I lost 4 albums by leaving them in a car. One of them was Chicago at Carnegie Hall. All were so badly warped that they were unplayable. They did however make very unique and depressing chip bowls. Never made that mistake again. Do not leave them in the car. JamesD , Sep 21, Location: Kansas City, KS. I'd recommend taking them with you out of the car or at least keeping them in a place out of direct sunlight.


Making a Vinyl Record Bowl

NapalmBrain , Sep 21, Location: USA. I live in AZ, and never have I gone to cool down the car before getting in with records. Last edited: Sep 21, Location: Sub-Tropo Texas. Over 30 years later he still thanks me periodically for the cereal bowls. Friends don't let friends leave LPs in cars. Naughty Chord , Sep 21, Aftermath likes this. Bring them with you. Location: The Netherlands v.

At What Temperature Does Vinyl Records Warp? - Peak Vinyl

SE Appalachia. I don't understand the premise of the question.

Record Bowls

As vinyl ages, it becomes dry and brittle and, much like osteoporotic bones, begins to warp - especially if stored in a vertical position. To counter this affect, I regularly stack my albums horizontally in the back of my 4Runner where they'll receive maximum direct exposure to the sun through the broad back window. I recommend you do this on humid days, as the parched vinyl will soak up ambient water as it warms and expands; this will not only restore the disc to its originally hydrated condition, but - by virtue of the stack weight - flatten out warping caused by improper "stand-up" storage.

Finally, once you've restored the structural integrity of your collection with a few days of wet heat, you can proceed to clean out accumulated dirt and dust from the grooves by using a strong bleach solution in conjunction with an effective scrubbing medium, like Brillo. MusicalHeaven , Sep 21, I'd never leave them in the car.

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DIY - How to melt records in the oven and turn them into bowls. An easy DIY craft tutorial idea to upcycle a vinyl record into home decor. Cat Davison shows you how to transform unwanted vinyl into something quirky yet but people have been fiddling about with melting old vinyl since the 70s. NB: If you're not happy with your shape once the record has.

An LP Vinyl Record or another size if you want a smaller bowl 2. A Cookie Sheet 3. An Oven-Safe Bowl which is about the shape and size you want your I will be putting it near my door to put my keys and other various and sundry items into it. I like melting plastic pony beads in a heart-shaped pan for suncatchers. The steps are simple: melt the vinyl record in the oven, then take it out and mold it safely into a plastic bowl. Change the shape up each time!.